xfsft for RedHat-5.1

I have compiled and tested Mark Leisher's and Juliusz Chroboczek's xfsft on my RedHat-5.1 Linux system. Here you can download my binary. You can just install the binary and start using it. If you want to use this program, please read the documentation on Juliusz xfsft home page.
Additionally I have prepared a complete set of binary RPMS of XFree86- The binaries are based on the latest RedHat SRPM with Juliusz' patches applied.

To complement their work, I have written a small tool that creates a fonts.scale file from a directory with TrueType font files. You can get the sources here.

Additionally, here are some screenshots from Netscape Navigator 4.06 using various fonts from Microsoft's WebFont collection.

Screenshot 1: MS Web fonts with CSS1 demo page

Screenshot 2: MicroSoft sample page with Comic Sans MS (uses CSS1):
Navigator screenshot with Comic Sans MS

Screenshot 3: MicroSoft sample page with Verdana (uses CSS1):

Screenshot 4: MicroSoft sample page with Courier New (uses CSS1):

Screenshot 5: MicroSoft sample page with Arial (uses CSS1):

Screenshot 6: Various TrueType fonts in different sizes